Slice of Life 2018

Slice of Life Day 1: Change Is Hard


I think it is time for a change, but change is pretty hard for me.  Honestly, I may need your help.

By the end of last year’s challenge, I decided I was going to switch my blog from Blogger to a Word Press blog.  I created this one, posted a couple of blogs to this one throughout the year, and left the other one as is.  Honestly, other things became more important than the change.

At the end of last March, I was excited with the idea, but I have spent the last three years blogging on my Blogger site.  Therefore, I knew it would be a challenging move. I have not spent money to purchase this blog.  So, it seems my options are limited, and it seems that only the paid sites can add the plug in that would seamlessly move my posts.

It has been years since I have built blogs and websites using html.  I loved the time I spent doing it, but since I knew it was going to have to relearn to read it, I have put it off.

And so…

My old posts sit over there while I navigate 2018 in Word Press.

Here’s to change….





Did I mention that change is HARD?


slice of life

This post is part of the 11th Annual Slice of Life Annual Story challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers, a month-long challenge to write daily by inviting participants to share a snapshot of life through writing.

1 thought on “Slice of Life Day 1: Change Is Hard”

  1. Change IS hard but can be the beginnings of amazing things! Congrats on beginning year 4. WOW!

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